Architectural design of civil and industrial. Procurement Consultant. Making investment projects. Supervision of construction and completion of civil works – industrial. Structural design of civil and industrial.

Architectural design, interior design for the civil works. Specialized design works requires artistic and aesthetic as Café, Bar, Spa, Resort … Interior design housing, office, hotel, shop …

Building types. Construction of other civil engineering. Installation of electrical systems, water supply, heating, air conditioning. Dismantling, leveling, preparing ground for construction.

Professionals do the complete construction of such buildings, hotels, condominiums, and other large-scale projects.

Manufacture of furniture such as cabinets, beds, dining table, sofa, wardrobe, wall cabinets, bookcases, shelves decoration, kitchen cabinets, product display cabinets, shelves ad, desks, cabinets records office, reception, room table where, meeting room wall and wooden bunk beds for hotels, coffee table, chairs for cafes, wooden doors, cabinets wine … and all furniture related products to wood.



As a young entrepreneur, but with enthusiasm at work, by creative passion, the Company Ecology Vietnam were experts in Hoi Vietnam Young Architects appreciate the activities in the field of design , and excellence achieved many noble awards.


With constant efforts, with a reputation for quality, progress and investment construction projects, corporate SINH THAI VIET confirmed their capacity and are recognized through awards, honors , certification of the Party, the State, the business association, customer ratings.